Preview 1 of the "Tempest Tides"-kickstarter
Preview 2 of the "Tempest Tides"-kickstarter

"Models spot on!"

"I have been 3d-printing tablehammer-models for months now, each month with better designs than the last. Supported STL-files are always included and are spot on!"

"Fantastic resolution!"

Tale of Painters
"The printing resolution is fantastic, none of the typical 3D printing layers or patterns are visible, and with a coat of primer, the finish is very smooth. I really like the plasma, melta, and ion muzzle-flashes."

"Great character!"

Marshalls Miniatures
"Printing and painting the models is a pleasure! The minis have great design and character and lots of awesome details that make painting a welcome and fun challenge."
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Discover factions and armies from a dystopian distant future, in an endless galactic struggle for resources, space and power.