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3D-modeling and sculpting: Commission service

Convert your customers to fans: We will create a 3D-printing optimized & pre-supported model for your personal use, commercial project or as your own custom store mascott! Sounds good?
How it works
Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters

Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters

Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters
A spaceship cruising through the tablehammer.com-website


Before getting started we need to collect as much input as possible about the project you have in mind with our commission survey.
  • What object, terrain or character do you have in mind?
  • What is your desired scale? (28mm, 32mm, heroic, 75m, bust)
  • Do you have any additional information like name, lore & background of your model?
  • Is there concept art, reference fotos or videos available?
  • What pose of position should the model be in?

2D-Concept drawing

With all the information available we will start working on a concept of the 3D-model by doing 2D concept drawings.
  • 2D concept sketch including special details, equipment etc.
  • We might include various poses or alternatives for you to chose from.
  • After you receive our initial sketch it will set off the first (of a total three) correction loop/round of feedback.
  • The 2D-drawing might differ from the finished 3D-model in the end due to scaling and proportions.
Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters
Sketching "Grundil - The Crazy Dwarf", commissioned by "Crazy Dwarf Miniatures" in 2022.

Proportion blocking & 3D-sketch

After the completion of the first correction loop and with finished 2D-concepts we will move on to the 3D-space by blocking out the most prominent shapes of the model and adding the first details like clothing & equipment.
  • By receiving the blocked out 3D-model preview you will set off the second and third correction loops/rounds of feedback – until we get your approval – before moving on to the final touches below.
Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters
Main shape of the model is set and first items are included. Ready to move to the finish line!

Final touches

Now that all basics are set we will move to the final stage of the model where we add final touches.
  • Increasing the level of detail
  • Finishing posing the model
  • Preparations for 3D-printing & supporting
  • Promo renders and images
  • Preparing the files
  • Collecting the second half of the payment
  • Finished!
Painted by: Stahly - Tale of Painters
Final promo-render after the finishing touches, posing, details and printing pre-production.
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"Models spot on!"

"I have been 3d-printing tablehammer-models for months now, each month with better designs than the last. Supported STL-files are always included and are spot on!"

"Fantastic resolution!"

Tale of Painters
"The printing resolution is fantastic, none of the typical 3D printing layers or patterns are visible, and with a coat of primer, the finish is very smooth. I really like the plasma, melta, and ion muzzle-flashes."

"Great character!"

Marshalls Miniatures
"Printing and painting the models is a pleasure! The minis have great design and character and lots of awesome details that make painting a welcome and fun challenge."
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