Tale of Painters

Tale of Painters

Tale of Painters is an unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine and painting blog. Since 2011, they provide free tutorials, in-depth reviews, and stunning pictures of our painted miniatures for your inspiration.

Tale of Painters is a group of like-minded hobbyists who love painting and collecting Citadel miniatures, just like you. They pride themselves to put a lot of effort into articles, tutorials, and photography, to bring you the best possible content. Blogging and writing about the hobby is a labour of love they do in their spare time.

A model painted by Tale of Painters using one of our effect-bits.

Check out their awesome tutorials with step for step pictures and insights in various techniques or visit their YouTube-Channel for interesting stuff all aroud the hobby!

Tale of Painters is completely free, but if you would like to support their work, join them on patreon for extra content and sneak peeks.

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