Clockwork Ancestors – Melee
Federation of Tyr

Clockwork Ancestors – Melee

"Once the sons of Tyr die honorable on the battlefield, their "ancestor"-insurance goes to work and orders a "Clockwork Ancestor" at the legendary dwarven smiths, who forge an artificial body to replace the fallen warrior. Their mastery of the craft is so advanced and supported by ancient technology and dwarven magic, that the "Clockwork Ancestors" allegedly even inherit some sort of habits and character from their fallen predecessors."
Clockwork Ancestors – Melee
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ℹ️ How can you use these files?

You can create whole units out of these guys, for example ranged or melee squads. But at the same time you can just mix some of these to your regular legionaries. We made them as far compatible that you can even just take special parts (for example legs, arms, heads) and add them on living legionaries as artificial limbs.

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