How to level-up your armyproject with effect-bits

September 22, 2021

Paintomancy interviewed:
Advantages of effect bits and best practice Hello René! You are part of the terrific Paintomancy team, you offer an all-round service for tabletop, how can I imagine that?

René: We do commissioned work for tabletop players who have little time or who simply want to have an army professionally painted. We assemble, design bases, magnetize weapon options and paint the miniatures on a professional level. You used our effect bits in your last imperial army project. How come?

René: Our customer wanted a Cadia army in the usual army colors. During the process, the customer made us aware of the bits from To give the finished army additional accents, we got in touch and used the "Lascannon Muzzleflashes" - and in my opinion the result speaks for itself! What do you like best about the effect bits?

René: We were surprised how easy the parts are to use. The effects are delivered painting-ready, you just have to clip them off and attach to the desired weapon. The print quality is excellent, you hardly have to correct or clean anything! The effect bits from are perfect to breathe life into miniatures quickly and easily! Any further tips on how to archieve a good overall look for the army while using effect-bits?

René: Dont use too many! It is very tempting to attach a muzzleflash to every model in the army, but in this case less is more! Just level-up every 3rd or 4th miniature and the completed army will look incredible. Thank you for the insights, we look forward to more great projects!

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