A new era begins today...

Tablehammer x OnePageRules

November 29, 2022

You might have heard some rumours or noticed the fresh "OnePageRules"-channel at the tablehammer-discord – it is finally time to release our collaboration!

How it all began…

At the start, there was a guy called Josef who wanted to create his own individual miniatures for wargaming – with a unique style, modularity and options, optimized for home 3D-printing. One model turned into many models, turned into a kickstarter, turned into a successful patreon & tribes, turned into tablehammer.com – today tablehammer.com has become a whole universe with factions in conflict including mighty human heroes, undead aliens, space dwarfs, sinister demons and much more – in a setting called “Grim Space Opera”.

Whats the „Grim Space Opera“?

“In the dystopian distant future, myriads of factions struggle endlessly for resources, space and power...” – spawned a full range of armies with brave troopers, relentless elites, vehicles, mighty heroes and terrain, with monthly releases of new models. The main goal is creating an immersive experience with background stories, character models, lore and emotions, paired with constant high quality miniature-releases.


Started from the bottom, now we are... well still at the bottom but approved by OPR!

Why partner with OnePageRules?

Long story short: “Grim Space Opera” has beautiful models – but no playable game. OPR has the best tabletop games available.

Full story:

  • Firstly: OnePageRules and Gaetano are pioneers of wargaming and 3D-printing for tabletop games in general. They did a phenomenal service for the community in the last years and personally I am a huge fan. Gaetanos passion-project has grown to be one of the top 10 biggest wargaming Patreons in the entire world and every piece of success is well deserved.
  • Secondly: They have a functioning and playable gaming system for scifi-miniatures called “Grimdark Future” including “Battle Brothers”, “Dwarf Guilds”, “Robot Legions” and more – sounds familiar? This ruleset is the perfect playground for people with custom homeprinted miniatures. Which gets you thinking: “Just print a whole tablehammer’s “Grim Space opera”-faction and get playing!”

Special December patreon + tribes release

We are celebrating our partnership with a special release!

If you join the tablehammer patreon or tribes in december you will get instant access to the complete regular release AS WELL as the "OPR-SPECIAL-BUNDLE" that contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START A SPACE DWARF ARMY TODAY. Of course we are looking for loyal patrons and tribes members, so stay on board with us and be rewarded with special loyalty rewards starting three months in!

The "OPR-SPECIAL-BUNDLE" will contain:

The regular december release will also include more models you can use to expand your "Federation of Tyr"-army:

Also included in december release will be models for the "Human Space Corps", re-releases for the "Necroyd Tomb Lords" and special minis throughout the month.
It’s the best time to join the "Grim Space Opera" right now!

Meet the "Federation of Tyr" – our expanding dwarven faction!

How to play OnePageRule’s “Grimdark Future” with tablehammer-minis?

  1. Go to onepagerules.com to get a first impression of the game and factions or visit the web-app at webapp.onepagerules.com if you are impatient like me, for a quick overview.
  2. Select the army you want to play and build a list. If you run into trouble hop on the tablehammer-discord, head to the “OnePageRules”-channel and shoot the community a message!
  3. Check tablehammer.com for fitting miniatures. If you are building a “Dwarf Guilds”-list for example I would recommend our “Federation of Tyr” model series, as OPR does not currently offer any dwarven models. “Robot Legions” are a fit for our “Necroyd Tomb Lords” and the “Battle Brothers” look strangely familiar to our “Human Space Corps”. Rip and tear brother!
  4. “I want to play a model from your range but I can’t find a fitting counterpiece in the OPR-rules…” Worry no more! OPR has a custom points calculator that allows you to create own units or even own armies that are balanced within their game system.
  5. For the people who want to jump straight into action or find army building a hassle: We prepared a special "Dwarf Guilds" army-list that you can use for your next game with fitting models from our range in our december drop! If you still got questions, join the discord and drop it to the OPR-channel.

Whats next for tablehammer.com?

We will continue designing the best possible models for home 3D-printing and expand our own setting – the “Grim Space Opera”. In the future we will constantly eyeball the ruleset and miniature range of OnePageRules to create fitting models and equipment. We do not intend to copy any existing designs but instead develop miniatures for not yet existing model ranges or alternative proxy-versions that might be fitting for our own story and vision.

If you run into any questions visit the FAQ below or shoot me a message at discord or at info@tablehammer.com – HAPPY PRINTING EVERYONE!

— Josef

Impressions from our other factions, including the "Human Space Corps", the "Necroyd Tomb Lords", "ACCELL UNION", Demonic Void Reams (not yet released) and more!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is tablehammer.com still independent?
    Yes – we will create what we want, where we want and how we want. For us, OPR serves as big inspiration and an awesome opportunity to offer you guys a gaming system for our minirange.
  • Will you only create models that fit into OPR now?
    No – we will continue designing whatever we want and will mainly expand our “Grim Space Opera”, but the synergies with OPR are obvious.
  • I got an idea for a collab with tablehammer.com – how can I pitch the concept to you?
    Get in contact via mail at info@tablehammer.com or message Josef on one of the socials listed at tablehammer.com/linktree (preferably discord).
  • What models will be released next?
    We are currently working to expand the “Federation of Tyr”-faction (space dwarves) and the “Human Space Corps” (super humans). At the same time we are already cooking up some incredible demons and a completely new faction called “Accell Union”. Follow our socials to stay in touch: tablehammer.com/linktree
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Don’t miss any news, get sneak peaks and insights behind the scenes on our social-media feeds!


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Grim Space Opera

Discover factions and armies from a dystopian distant future, in an endless galactic struggle for resources, space and power.
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com
Faction logo for 3D-printable miniatures by tablehammer.com