Product-review by Tale of Painters

September 22, 2021

Review: Bolter muzzle-flashes

We sent some samples out to Tale of Painters to get a review from professional hobbyists and painters, that live and breathe tabletop every day of the week! To get a glimpse of what our muzzleflashes look and feel like, they got their hands on our "Bolter muzzleflashes" and tested them for quality, usability and style.

"The printing resolution is fantastic, none of the typical 3D printing layers or patterns are visible, and with a coat of primer, the finish is very smooth."

We feel flattered for the final result of 9/10 points and can’t wait for more people to discover our products and send us reviews! If you want to review our stuff please get in touch via Instagram or mail ( We will get back at you as fast as possible! You can read the full article at

"Tablehammer is a small company that offers a variety of muzzle-flashes for the weaponry of the far future. The prints are of high quality and the limited range should expand soon."

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Tale of Painters

Tale of Painters is an unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine and painting blog. Since 2011, they provide free tutorials, in-depth reviews, and stunning pictures of our painted miniatures for your inspiration.
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